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"Art is Protest" PreSale Print

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"Art is Protest"  Official Release 7/17/2020

A enhanced photographic print whose museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper with a polished look , is ready to adorn any room you wish stands in hand  with your support. This  8" x 10"photographic print is of a Mural that was painted in the heart of downtown Phoenix by six talented artists, MDMN, Nyla Lee, Muta (Vision), Clyde, Ashley Macias, and Giovannie (Just) with just one message; Black Lives Matter.

**100% of proceeds go to BLM METRO PHX, and TRANS QUEER PUEBLO.**

In the literal midst of protests, and streets being closed off, supporting/ nonsupporting neighborhood civilians passing by, our vision alongside our paint brushes and spray cans gave a second life to what was VALLEY YOUTH THEATER Offices before it was sold off to the new developers of downtown's artist district. Due to the ephemeral nature of street art and  planned demolishion of this building,  we decided to make this piece of art work a sign big enough for a 1000 hands to hold up. By buying one of these prints, your hold up your fists with us in solidarity and help support  the "BLM Metro Phoenix" along side 'Trans Queer Pueblo" in which everyday in and out are doing amazing work, and making actual change happen within our community. Thank you to every one who purchases a print. 

Black Lives Matter!

To learn more/ get involved or if you want to donate seperatly, check out the links below :   

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